TenTex Builders

A Tennessean and a Texan worked together to solve a Texas sized problem.
We discovered that most storage builings were not insulated.
With some creative innovation we began turning manufactured panels into insulted buildings.

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From the best Insulated Storage Buildings you can find to Tiny Houses and Mini Offices.


  TenTex Builders is dedicated to being green and building the best storage sheds available today. We use pressure treated lumber for the runners and base to last for years to come and our buildings come witha 2 year warranty. We use recycled insulated materials for the walls, roof and under the floors. Our walls, roof and floors are insulated with an R-15 rating. Also our buildings are mouse, rat and reptile proof.

  We never cut corners by using OSB for our floors like the big box stores do and since our walls are self supporting we don't use 2x4s for support. This gives you 2 inches more room for storage on each wall than the buildings that do use 2x4s to build their walls. Our walls are built with manufactured panels constructed with polystyrene sandwiched between two pieces of rolled steel. The panels are primered with white paint, in order to prepare the building for your choice of final paint colors.